Since 2019 Cedar Infosystems has been providing various IT service and products which include Managed IT Services, Web designing, Business Solutions, Hardware & Networks, Software Services, Project Management, Training, Service Desk, IT Advisory and Consultancy


Our service offering where we take over management ofa client’s IT environment as a CIO for the company. Under this service a client can opt for Cedar Infosystems to either head the department or absorb the entire department into Cedar Infosystems. The client pays a monthly fee bases on the range of services selected.


We take interest in understanding our client’s business and business processes and propose solutions and processes automation that brings efficiency and increased productivity in our clients’ business environment. These solution ranges from off the shelf to custom made solution depending on the business needs and complexity of the required solution.


Our IT help desk serviceoffering is comprised of certifiedIT professionals. We offer high-quality business IT support desk and remote support services – every hour of every day. Much more than a traditional support desk, Cedar infosystems IT help desk services provide our customers with professional and immediate help desk support without the costly overheard.


We provide arange of IT trainings ranging from basic computer use to custom made trainings. Under basic computer training we train organization staff member of basic usage of computers and usage of other software such usMicrosoft office and office365 for clients who are using office365 and would like to benefit on the corroborative power that the software offers.


We provide an independent,in-depth expert opinion and advisory service on all IT related issues and acquisitions. This helps our client to understand the technology or service being offered to them by third-partyproviders before they commit to acquiring the service product.


This service ranges from development to reselling and supportof third-partysoftware. Our software comprises of both cloud and on premises based. Notable solutionsoffered under this umbrella are Microsoft Office 365, Sage and Website development.


With our expertise in managing IT project, we take the responsibility of managing IT project on behalf of our clients.The scope covers both projectsimplemented by Cedar Infosystems or third-party providers. The client commits to paying a fee which is either charged as lumpsum or as a monthly fee payable while the project is running. Our commitment to our clients is to see that the project’s deliverables are successfully met within the agreed time, risks are managed or mitigated and that the customer realizes the full benefits of the project.


This offering comprises of Infrastructure procurement services, laptopand desktopsales, Server hardware, Video surveillance (CCTV), Door access control, intruder detection systems and datacenter equipment’ssales.The offering extends to server and network environment design and configuration, where we assess the client’s IT environment, make recommendation for change and implement the required changes to the benefit of the clients.